Fundraising for Girls’ Dormitory is Well Underway!

Educating girls is essential to our mission of transforming a village in Malawi and lifting its people out of a life of poverty.     We are well on our way with $60,000 already raised toward the goal of  $130,000 to build a 100 room girls dormitory with shower and bath facilities,  latrines, furnishings and a dorm mother apartment.    A donor has generously offered to match donations up to $35,000, which will bring us to the total needed to build the dorm!    Our goal is to have the money raised before a group of our board members travels to our village in late May.  A girls’ dorm will help ensure girls stay in school.   $1,200 will pay for the cost of a room.  Make your donation today, and your gift will be doubled!   The girls of Chuluchosema say, “Zikomo!”   Thank you!

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