Lonnie Ncozana
Malawi Public Health Leader

Lonnie Ncozana, who lives in Malawi, has extensive experience in working with communities and their health. Her basic training was in nursing and midwifery after which she worked in different wards and maternity unit of Mulanje Mission Hospital. When the effects of the HIV pandemic started being felt by hospitals, she was instrumental in setting up a community care programme to reduce overcrowding in the hospital by training volunteers and family members to provide home care. Lonnie worked as a community health nurse and subsequently earned a master of public health degree. For 25 years she has worked with men, women, children, and adolescents in ensuring they have good health. Lonnie has now settled in Liwonde where she and her husband own a safari lodge. It’s their wish that one day communities around the lodge would benefit from community health and development projects that will be initiated soon as part of corporate responsibility.